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MMP inhibitors project: open for out-licensing or co-development partnership


Scientific background:

  • MMP-s are involved in acute ischemia/reperfusion injury. Inhibition of MMP-2 is able to reduce ishcemia/reperfusion injury, e.g. it can reduce infarct size (Giricz et al, J Pharm Exp Ther, 316:154-161, 2006)
  • Short term application of selective MMP inhibitors for acute diseases, e.g. acute myocardial infarction have better safety profile than previous clinical stage non-selective MMP inhibitors (Dormán et al, Drugs 70:949-964, 2010; Recent Patents Dormán et al, Cardiovasc Drug Discov 2:186-194, 2007)

Summary of invention:

  • Novel chemical entities (small molecules) for selective inhibition of MMP 2, 9, 13, and their application for ischemic (e.g. heart) diseases, or any other diseases where pathological increase in MMP activation is involved in the pathology.

IP status:

  • Patented technology (primary filing date Dec, 2010, WO_2012/080762_A1)
  • Granted in USA, EU, and China

Planned project duration:

  •  36 months (up to IND)

If you are interested in our project as an investor or co-development partner, please contact us for further details at